Prove It With Testimonials

TestimonialBoss is a platform and mobile app that makes it easy to request, capture & show testimonials so you can build more trust.

Statistics and studies show that video proof builds trust and helps people make their decisions, quicker...


Video testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating of any type of content


90% of consumers admit their buying decisions are influenced by video testimonials


Video testimonials drive a 157% increase in organic traffic from the search engines

Why Do You Want To Get Video Testimonials?

I Want My Staff To Start Showing Video Reviews

If my staff would show just a few video testimonials during their sales presentations I know they'd close more business.  

I Want To Fix Our Company's Reputation

We need help (and fast) with our online reputation and I know getting video testimonials will fix it and get us back on track.

I Want Our Website To Rank Higher 

We're not doing any SEO and missing a lot of prospects. I know getting video testimonials will give us more leads.

This Is Not Just A Testimonial Video App…The Dashboard Is Where The Real Magic Happens!

Our included SAAS (Software As A Service) dashboard is not simply a place to manage your library of customer testimonials. You will have full control over sharing, marketing, email campaigning, Calls-to Action, and even displaying your testimonials on your own website through our custom widget. All registered users have designated access to the library to utilize in all your marketing and sales efforts. Imagine having a central location of such powerful sales tools at your fingertips. With its simplicity and user friendly interface, you can easily manage the process flow and make that great customer feedback work for you. The Testimonial Boss dashboard is truly the key to getting the absolute most out of your customer testimonial reviews.